MGA Stableford Saturday, May 20, 2017



MGA Stableford for Saturday, May 20, 2017

MGA Stableford  (Tee Times begin 9am)  

The 2017 Stableford Tournament will be a new format.  We will incorporate 3 tee boxes for this event. Winners will be determined within each flight.  Players who chose to play from the Blue Tee Box and who wish to qualify for Club Championship Flight must sign up for the Club Championship qualifier round and advise the Pro Shop in advance.  There will be a $10 cash or club charge non-refundable.  Players who wish to compete from the Blue Tee Box and not pay for the qualifier/or pay the fee may do so.  All other players will play from the White or Gold tees. The primary change involves each member making the choice to play from the blue, white or gold tee box when signing up.  This will not be determined by age although those playing from the Gold will meet the requirement of your index handicap and age to equal 85 or greater and/or you can validate that you have posted your current handicap from the Gold Tee throughout the season. Whichever flight you choose, you will be playing with members in the same competitive level.  You may only win gross or net within your flight.  We will pay a minimum of 25% of the field in each flight.  If there is lack of participation in a flight, that group will move to the White tee box. 

RULES: There will be no overall winner, and the winners will be determined via their flights.  A tie for winter will be determined by USGA tie-breaker; last nine, last six, last three, #18.  The scoring of points for the Blue, White, and Gold tee boxes will depend on the flight you choose. 

Blue tee box Point System Stableford rules: All participants must play out and hole their ball regardless of points format on each hole to post an accurate gross score if wishing to qualify for the opportunity to use the two-day score towards the Club Championship qualifier. If the ball is picked up after a double bogey, this disqualifies the player from using the gross score toward the Club Championship qualifier only. The player can continue to win and place via the Stableford rules. 


Double Eagle 8 points

 Eagle 5 points

Bridie 3 points

 Par 2 points

 Bogey 1 point

Double Bogey minus 2 points  



Participates will play from either the White tee box or Gold tee box.

 Winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place gross and net in respective flight, White or Gold and be determined by points. 


Double Eagle 8 points

Eagle 5 points

Bridie 3 points

Par 2 points

Boggy 1 point

Double Bogey 0 points.  THERE WILL BE NO MINUS POINTS IN THE WHITE AND GOLD FLIGHTS. The ball may be picked up after a double bogey. 

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