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Swim Lessons


Swim Lessons

Lessons With Our Swim Team Coaches:
Christine Duff | (301) 520-1554
$30.00 per half hour; please contact Christine directly via e-mail or text to schedule a lesson.
Lessons With Our MCC Lifeguards:
Sign up directly with a lifeguard.

Swim Team Dolphins


Swim Team


MCC's Dolphins Swim Team offers young members a fun, healthy and engaging way to develop friendships while participating in competitive swim events.

MCC Dolphins Swim Team

Swim Team Representatives:

Diane Fitzgerald, CCSDA Rep

Cell # (240) 751-3976 email:

Cathleen Marose, CCSDA Rep

Cell # (301) 706-0785 email:


Chris Duff, Head Coach   Cell: (301) 520-1554  

We welcome and need parents to help run the swim team throughout the year and at meets, please email for more volunteer information.

Important Links:

2018 Online Registration Link   

2018 Swim Team Handbook & Schedule (Located on Teamsnap)  

2017 Swim Team Meet Results


What is the level of competition?

The team is competitive, but the focus is on sportsmanship and individual progress. Comprised of kids of all ages and abilities, the team is more about having fun and enjoying the team atmosphere. We are part of the CCSDA (The Country Club Swimming and Diving Association) and we are in the C division. All kids must be able to swim 25 meters unassisted in order to participate. 

Are there different age groups?

Yes - the kids can swim from ages 5 - 18, with groups dependent upon age. The age groups for the meets are 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-18.

What is the cost to join the swim team?

Registration dues are $135 per swimmer and $95 for each additional swimmer in a family.

Are swim suits provided?

No; however, a team suit can be purchased, along with other team spirit wear items.

Is transportation ever provided if parents can't make it?

No; however, our team is like a family, and most members find that carpooling to practice and meets is quite easy to arrange. Parents will be able to meet other parents at practices and social events and contact them through our Team Snap website. The meets require A LOT of parent volunteers to run.

When is practice? What are the requirements to attend practice?

Before school is out, there are evening practices everyday from the Tuesday after Memorial Day on. After school is out, there are practices every morning and Monday/Wednesday evenings. Our meets are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, for the most part. Swim team members must make two (2) practices per week. It really helps the swimmers get ready for the meets.

Are parents welcome to come to the banquet?

Yes!! The team is family-oriented. The banquet is a time that the kids get trophies and other awards. There is typically a slide show for the season and then dancing. It is a time for everyone to celebrate!

Are there any social activities associated with the Dolphins?

Yes. We did SO many fun things last year. We had movie night on the driving range, pasta party, team breakfasts, ice cream socials, team pictures, the boy/girl meet...just to name a few. The parents on the team have just as much fun as the kids. It really makes the summer great! We do a lot in a very short amount of time - the season runs from the end of May to the end of July. "Fast and Furious" is what we like to call it!

Montgomery Country Club Pool Rules

Article I

General Rules

Section 1. Management of the Pool. Set forth below are the Pool Rules and Regulations for the club. The club manager shall control all matters relating to the use of the swimming pool at the club.

Section 2. Hours of Operation. The hours that the swimming pool shall be open as posted monthly in the club newsletter are subject to change. The club reserves the right to establish one day per week on which the swimming pool may be closed for necessary cleaning and maintenance. The club manager shall post the day on which the swimming pool may be closed for any reason.

Section 3. Registering.

A. All members of the club, their family members, and their guests must register with the pool attendant or lifeguard on duty before entering the swimming pool. The name of each member, family member, and guests must appear on the daily swimming pool attendant sheet maintained by the club.

B. Membership identification is required for admission of all members regardless of age. This identification consists of a valid membership card.

C. If a member is asked to leave the pool, the member must do so promptly, and if a member is chaperoning a younger person or guest, that person or guest must also leave.

D. If a chaperone leaves the pool for any reason, the chaperone must also take the persons being chaperoned.

Section 4. Closing of the Pool.

A. The lifeguard and club manager shall determine when the swimming pool shall be closed due to weather or maintenance conditions and shall further determine when the swimming pool may be reopened for use.

B. All pools shall be cleared at the first sign of lighting/thunder and shall remain cleared until one-half hour after the last sign of lighting/thunder. If such conditions persist, the pool staff, may, at their discretion, close the pool until they determine that it is safe to reopen.

Section 5. Refusal of Privileges. The lifeguard or club manager shall have the right to refuse swimming pool privileges to anyone who, in the judgment of the lifeguard or club manager, violates established rules and decorum. Failure to cooperate with either the lifeguard or club manager may result in disciplinary action.

Section 6. Personal Property. Members are reminded not to leave personal property unattended in the swimming pool. Lockers are available in the pool bathroom on a daily use basis. The club is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Section 7. Guests. Guests may use the swimming pool in accordance with the guest privileges established in these Rules and Regulations. Guests must be accompanied by a member of the club. Each member must register him/herself and his/her guests and pay the applicable guest fee. Failure to register a guest shall result in a disciplinary action plus assessment of the applicable guest fee against the member.

Section 8. Liability for Personal Injury of Property Damage. All members should note carefully the following information:

The club assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any injury or damage caused to persons or property resulting from use of the swimming pool.

Any person using the swimming pool shall immediately report to the attendant any injury or damage to persons or property caused by such person.

Section 9. Amendments. The club reserves the right to exercise its sole discretion to amend these Rules and Regulations from time to time.

Article II

Swimming Pool

Section 1. General Rules. The following Rules and Regulations are for the protection and benefit of all persons to assure safe and sanitary operation of the swimming pool and related facilities. The cooperation of the members will afford pleasant relaxation and recreation for everyone concerned. Members are requested to caution their children and their guests to observe the Pool Rules and Regulations and to obey the instructions of the pool attendant and the lifeguards. Any failure to comply with the Pool Rules and Regulations shall be considered sufficient cause for the member to be deprived of the use of the swimming pool by the pool attendant, lifeguard on duty, or the club manager.

Section 2. Swimwear. Any person using the swimming pool shall dress in appropriate swimwear. No person shall be permitted to wear non swim shorts, “cut-offs”, etc. in the swimming pool. When going from the pool to the clubhouse, a swimsuit only is not allowed. Shorts, shirt or cover up and shoes are required to be in the clubhouse or on the patio.

Section 3. Pool Attendant and Lifeguards. No person shall use the swimming pool unless the swimming pool is officially opened and the pool attendant or lifeguard is on duty. All persons shall obey the instructions of the pool attendant and the lifeguards. All persons must stay clear of the lifeguard stations and shall not loiter at the check-in table. Each Member is required to sign in themselves, other family members or guests upon entering the pool area.

Section 4. Health Requirement. Use of the swimming pool and admission to the swimming pool area may be refused to any person having a cold, inflamed eyes, infection, wearing a bandage, or having an open sore or any other unusual physical condition that might affect the health and welfare of other persons using the swimming pool. All persons must take a cleansing shower before entering the pool. Spitting of water and similar unhygienic actions in the swimming pool or in the swimming pool area are not permitted at any time. Children in diapers must wear a swim diaper (per local Board of Health) in both the large and baby pools.

Section 5. Adult Swim. The club reserves the right in the exercise of its sole discretion to designate certain times for the exclusive use of the swimming pool by adult members and guests. Adult is defined as persons eighteen (18) years of age or older.

Section 6. Minor Children. Children five (5) and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while swimming in either pool. Children ages six (6) to nine (9) years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times within the pool area. Children 10 to 15 years of age must be accompanied to the swimming pool by an adult. The baby pool is reserved for children four (4) years of age and under. Children misbehaving can be subject to losing swim privileges. The pool attendant and lifeguards are empowered to deny swimming pool privileges to any child who cannot demonstrate satisfactory swimming ability. Children may be required to pass a swim test. Children must be picked up at the swimming pool no later than the posted or scheduled closing time for the swimming pool.

Section 7. Safety Considerations.

No running, pushing, dunking, or rough play will be permitted in the swimming pool or in the swimming pool area. Standing or sitting on another’s shoulders is not permitted. The use of kickboards, tubes, beach or foam balls, etc. is allowed only by permission from the lifeguard. Athletic balls are not permitted in the pool, but may be used on the lawn.

Persons unable to demonstrate the ability to swim properly will not be permitted in the deep-water areas of the swimming pool.

Non-skid soled shoes are allowed on the pool deck.

No diving or jumping permitted unless allowed by the lifeguard in designated areas or times.

Glass containers and breakable objects are not permitted in the swimming pool area. Food and beverages may not be consumed in the pool. No alcoholic beverage can be consumed on the club premises unless purchased from the club.

No intoxicated persons will be allowed in the swimming pool area.

No play equipment; playpens, etc. shall be allowed in the swimming pool area.

No pets shall be permitted at any time in the swimming pool or in the swimming pool area, without permission from the club manager.

All refuse must be placed in containers provided for this purpose. Members are urged to assist in keeping the swimming pool and the swimming pool area clean.

Persons wearing glasses or goggles in the swimming pool must secure their glasses or goggles with an appropriate support band.

No smoking is permitted in the swimming pool area. Smoking is permitted on the pool lawn only.

Members must provide towels for their use and the use of the family members and guests.

Chewing gum is not allowed in the pool or bathhouse areas.

Small plastic or rubber hand toys may only be used in the baby pool.

No large flotation devices are allowed in the pool. Small items such as noodles, kickboards and other teaching devices may be allowed by the lifeguard.

Lifeguard service is not provided for the baby pool. Parents or their delegated representatives must always assume responsibility for their children in the baby pool area. Children using the baby pool shall be supervised at all times by an accompanying person 16 years of age or older.

No hair dryers are to be used in the men’s or ladies’ bathhouses, as the floor is wet and the use of electric appliances under these circumstances is extremely dangerous.

The playing of radios or MP3 players is allowed only with earphones.

Swim team equipment is only to be used by the team during team practices or lessons.

Section 8. Guest Passes and Private Parties. A member must check in their guests with the lifeguard on duty upon visiting the pool, to which a fee maybe charged. Guest fees to the pool are to be posted at the beginning of each swim season for member information. The club reserves the right to limit the number of times a guest shall be allowed in a calendar year.

Private swimming groups or swimming parties must be arranged in advance with the club manager. Such events may close the pool early. These dates shall be posted.

Section 9. Conduct and Language. All persons using the swimming pool and in the swimming pool area shall conduct themselves in a manner as to not disrupt or impair the use and enjoyment of the swimming pool by others. Profane and vulgar language is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule may result in suspension of swimming privileges and required to leave the pool area.

Section 10. Liability. All persons using the swimming pool do so at their own risk. The club assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with the use of the swimming pool or for any loss or damage to the personal property in the swimming pool or swimming pool area. All persons using the swimming pool agree not to hold the club liable for any actions of any kind whatsoever occurring within the swimming pool area. All members are responsible for the actions of their children and their guests.